Searching through 100’s of vacation rentals near Boone online can be exhausting! While some enjoy the hunt, others prefer someone to tackle their cabin wishlist and do the “dirty work” for them.  Boone Area Travel Guide covers both types of travelers!


For a modest fee of $25.00, let Boone Area Travel Guide:
(1.) Recommend a handful of vacation rentals that fit your dates, budget, location, party size and amenity checklist (we email you a list of quality rentals quickly that fit your parameters – if we are off target, correct us and we start over); OR

(2.) Let us verify your choice is the best option out there for your family. Consider us your last line of defense. If we cannot find a better alternative saving you money or providing what we think will be a better Blue Ridge Vacations experience, we will refund your investment in full. We are that confident that we can find the best option… or we will openly concede that you aready found the cream of the crop!


We promise to leave no rock unturned and no cabin overlooked!


With in depth knowledge of the management company options as well as By Owners, you will have the best of both worlds. A partnership we have in place with one of the largest area companies will actually pay your fee for you, so our services can be FREE!!


Let Eat Stay Play Blue Ridge do the grunt work, checking calendars, verifying amenities, understanding locations and find or verify the right fit for your Blue Ridge Vacation.  We ask: Is your family’s vacation and your peace of mind worth $25.00?


To start, email us at with a checklist of the below and be as specific as you need to be. For instance if a hot tub “would be nice” tell us it would be nice, if it is “required” that helps us narrow down options:
1) Your Dates:

2) Your Party Size and/or Bedroom Count needed:

3) Amenities Required (hot tub, views, creek, handicap friendly, etc):

4) Location Recommended:

5) Your Budget – (without an estimated budget we cannot be effective):

6) Pets (#, sizes and breeds):

7) Anything else we need to know…. Tell us exactly what you need – every detail you provide helps!


We send a quick secured link for payment and the process is FAST – usually within a few hours.


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